Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden on Twitter

May 1, 2011 - Tweeters fingers were at warp speed with news that Osama Bin Laden was dead. Cells phone and texting was primary everywhere - ball games, bars, restaurants, even sitting on the family watching breaking news. It was reported there were more than 4000 tweets per second.

Here are some of the late morning tweets from May 2, 2011 -

RT @brimamassie: Most GOP congratulate the forces and not the commander in chief Obama, when they do they include Bush as the one who lay the ground work.
RT @RES911CUE: US kills Osama bin Laden decade after 9/11 attacks: WASHINGTON     (AP) -- Osama bin Laden, the face of global ...
RT @ABitterMN: Now that Bin Laden is dead, the war is over . Right? #stribpol
RT @nytimes: Video: Mark Mazzetti's quick overview of how U.S. intelligence tracked Bin Laden and ultimately killed him.
RT @BuzzEdition: Osama bin Laden shot in the head after he & his guards resisted U.S.  by @washingtonpost
RT @RES911CUE: Video: Bin Laden death marks end of an era: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports on the life and death of the mos...
RT @RES911CUE: Video: Will U.S. jubilation spark rage in the Arab world?: NBC’s Tom Brokaw and David Gregory, along with ...
Pls retweet RT @UniBulCstSpprt: U.S. issues travel alert after bin Laden killing
RT @RES911CUE: Osama Bin Laden is dead Facebook Page goes viral: Within about two hours of reports first surfacing (and since c... 
RT @RES911CUE: Obama tells families of 9/11 victims that 'justice has been done': In direct and emotional terms, President Bara...
RT @mayhemstudios: I'm at On The Planet Osama Just Left (worldwide) w/ 2 others
RT @MyAgenda: Great morning, whew.. what a night! breaking news trending everywhere - Let's think of this as "beginning of peace" #usguys
RT @RES911CUE: Describing bin Laden's compound: Time's Omar Waraich describes the compound area in Pakistan where Osama bin Lad...
RT @BuzzEdition: U.S. issues travel alert after Osama bin Laden killing  via @cnnmoney
RT @Chriscarroll50: RT @idiplomats: Bush: 'America has sent an unmistakable message'
RT @davewiner: While the White House was planning the demise of Bin Laden, Republicans were plotting to shut down the US govt.
RT @davewiner: While White House was planning the demise of Bin Laden, Republicans were plotting to shut down the US govt
RT @TheNewsBlotter: Reuters Intl: CIA: al Qaeda will "almost certainly" try to avenge bin Laden  #news