Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funny Twitters From 2012 Presidential Debate #1

RT @chrisrockoz: Mitt Romney: I've lived through hard times. I met a poor person once & I looked over at Ann and we decided to call the police. #debate2012

RT @utbrp: RT @ericwolfson: #BigBird on #MittRomney: "I haven't been this angry, upset, & confused since Mr. Hooper died!" #ForwardNotBack #Obama2012

RT @jonward11: Obama: "When I got on to the stage, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney."

RT @JBucknoff: ROMNEY CUTTING PBS!! Time for Big Bird and the Muppets to get real | #ForwardNotBack

RT@StevenErtelt Obama trying to get tough after debate: RT @jonward11 Obama: "Thank goodness someone is finally getting tough on big bird."

RT @MsParkerCOMEDY: #VoteObama #ForwardNotBack Don't be fooled my friends by believing that Mitt Romney is the Best Debater..He's the BEST MANIPULATOR!

RT @El_Nene_Chinito: Since Mitt Romney listened so well to Jim Lehrer, I believe he's going to listen just as well to the American people. #ForwardNotBack

@StevenErtelt Al Gore blaming Obama's loss on the altitude? As if Boston is mountainous? And Romney is 15 years Obama's senior. (Except debate was in Denver not Boston. Duh n_n! Rocky Mountain high!)

RT@MikeGrunwald @DSegalNYC Now Romney camp tells me he misspoke, only meant to single out loan program. 3 of about 30 recipients failed, <2% in $ terms.

Michael Grunwald ‏@MikeGrunwald ICYMI: Romney camp told me (after my tweet-rants) Mitt didn't mean to say half the #stimulus-funded green firms failed. Probably <1% so far.

RT @Lopeezie: Is it me or does Romney smile, turn red and blink like a crackhead when he lies?? #ForwardNotBack

Picture 3 Romneys fire Big Bird comment a social phenomenon
Tweet by @FiredBigBird responding to Mitt Romney’s fire Large Bird comment. (Screen grab from

‏@simonpegg I wake up and the first tweet I read says Mitt Romney wants to kill Big Bird. What's happening to the world?!!

@MrGeorgeWallace Any man in his right mind that would say..."I'm sorry but Big Bird has to go" has got to go.

Big Bird
Look what Mitt Romney has done to me...