Saturday, January 17, 2015

Human Targets....

Woman sees images of black males as sniper targets; one is her brother

A woman was devastated to see her brother and other black men as targets, NBC6 reports.  National Guardswoman Valerie Deant was devastated to see her brother Woody's image pierced by police sniper bullets, she told NBC6 in an exclusive report.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Human-Shaped Shooting Targets
Democratic state representative Thaddeus Kirkland,  a Pennsylvania lawmaker is seeking to ban human-shaped silhouette targets from all civilian shooting ranges in the state because he thinks they encourage violence against actual humans.

Making people faces targets has psychological lasting effects. Don't believe that? What if....

North Korea begins brainwashing children in cult of the Kims as early as kindergarten
"In gym class, there was a wooden target of a human figure with pale skin and a huge nose, with “cunning American wolf” written on it. Lee and her young schoolmates would practice their throwing with a wooden “grenade.”