Monday, August 12, 2013

Are Black People Being Lynched in Delaware?

In December 2011, local residents 
report that the flyer above 
was distributed in downtown Dover, Delaware
2012 whites in Delaware Lynching Black Men - Louisiana-styled Cover-ups in Delaware
"Some people might have expected to see an increase in the overt lynching and murder of Black men by white extremists under the Obama administration due to the backlash of white right-wing conservative resentment.  What no one could have predicted is that the increase in white extremist murders of Black people would occur in liberal states such as Delaware."

Dover resident EShed Alston, former Delaware State University professor Dr. Jahi Issa and state House of Representatives District 34 Independent candidate Doug Beatty demanded that the city continue to investigate the vulgar leaflet that depicted a racial slur that was circulated within the city beginning late in 2011.

Issa said. "Lynchings are political. They're more than just a murder. And they have a long history of white supremacist behavior.

Now that allegations of modern-day lynchings in Dover, Delaware have began to gain steam within the public’s eye, it’s clear that the death of Charles Conley in October 2010, and Johnny Clark May 2012, which were all within extremely close proximity of Silver Lake Park in Dover are suspicious to say the very least. Conley, a Wesley College Freshman and football standout had only been in Dover for 7 weeks before Edison, New Jersey police notified his parents that their son had died due to an apparent suicide. Two years later, Clark a local Barber was also discovered hanging from a tree in the same area of town. His death was ruled a suicide as well, and started chatter among locals of how much of a coincidence in which the manner, location, and police conclusion on how the pair died paralleled.

Observations: A Lynching in Dover?
Posted By Bill Colley WGMD Host On November 18, 2012 @ 7:54 am In Opinion-Commentary  "I do know there is just enough of a possibility Attorney General “Beau” Biden could calm the situation with a few words and a public pronouncement no such evidence exists of racially motivated homicides a few blocks away from Legislative Hall.  Silence can be deafening."