Friday, August 9, 2013

Cracker does not = Ni**er Racism

:"A pair of Georgia crackers."
King, Edward (1875) The Great South
J. Cheney Mason is an attorney, best known as a co-counsel for Casey Anthony Florida murder case.   "I'm a cracker, been one for 70 years."  

Florida cracker refers to original colonial-era English and American pioneer settlers of the state of Florida, and their descendants.

The term "cracker" was in use during the Elizabethan era to describe boaster. The original root of this is the Middle English word crack meaning "entertaining conversation" (One may be said to "crack" a joke); this term and the Gaelicized spelling "craic" are still in use in Northern England, Ireland and Scotland.

It is documented in William Shakespeare's King John (1595): "What cracker is this ... that deafes our ears / With this abundance of superfluous breath?"

Florida Memory 
Bone Mizell: Cracker Cowboy of the Palmetto Prairies
Gallery: Florida Cracker Homestead

Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909.
Title: A Cracker cowboy
J. Cheney Mason on Piers Morgan:  "And she [Rachel Jeantel] was attacked, you know, in the lawyer manner [by Don West]. But I'll repeat, it doesn't mean she wasn't telling the truth many. One thing I did hear her saying, Piers, the people worrying about this comment about being a cracker.

Well, let me tell you something, I'm a cracker, been one for 70 years. In Florida, a cracker means a -- a cracker to us means a person that was born here, were native to Florida.

There's very few of us Florida crackers, less than 30 percent of the population. Thank you very much. It has nothing to do with race."